The Baby Show at NEC Birmingham May 16 – 18

Onni Baby was showcased at the very busy Baby Show in Birmingham last weekend, where more than 20 000 people were expected to visit the large exhibition for shopping, family fun and expert advise, or because of professional interest.

The Baby Show was the second baby show open to the public where we’ve exhibited Onni Baby, the first one being the Baby and Toddler show at Bluewater, Kent April 25 – 27.

In attendance at both shows were parents, parents to be, grandparents, industry buyers, distributors, importers, wholesalers, manufacturers, VCs, angel investors and business accelerators, and we were able to showcase our smart baby monitoring solutions to a very large, mostly UK based, audience.

Our web service, which enables parents to do remote access baby monitoring on easy monthly subscription basis using their own webcams, has been available for some time, and the beautiful, high end design baby monitor that unlocks various alerts, enables using a sleep sensor, and allows parents to pre-record for example womb sounds and play them back to the child, is estimated to be available this summer.

Being able to talk face to face to parents shopping for a baby monitor, and seeing them get excited about our system was both rewarding and reassuring. We know we’re on the right track with what we have, and we know there are parents out there who expect more from their baby monitors than just being able to see and hear the child.

We also met with several possible business partners, and even piqued the interest of a major baby monitor manufacturer, who was openly impressed with Onni Baby.

We’re excited to go forward, and can’t wait to be able to ship Onni to our first customers! For pre-orders, please visit our crowdfunding campaign at

Satu and Erasmus

Baby and Toddler Show at Glow, Bluewater April 25th – 27th

A very busy three days behind us, we’re happy to have introduced Onni Baby at the Baby and Toddler Show at Glow, Bluewater in Kent.

The next generation baby monitoring solution designed to meet the many needs of modern parents was excitedly received at the show with many parents or parents-to-be interested in the versatile baby monitoring solution, in many cases even if they already bought a baby monitor.

One of the great things about the Onni system is how the web service, which is also available independently of the high-end baby monitor, can be used alongside any other baby monitor to enable remote baby monitoring from multiple devices, with multiple users and using multiple webcams.

In addition to giving parents choice over what rooms to monitor, which devices to use for the monitoring and who is allowed to do the monitoring, the web service also helps parents stay on top of the child’s day-to-day activities, chronicle his or her growth and development, and learn the child’s needs and patterns and be able to plan for them rather than react to them.

The web service is available on subscription basis with all 12 month subscriptions being doubled to 24 month subscriptions, all 6 month subscriptions being doubled to 12 month subscriptions, all 3 month subscriptions being doubled to 6 month subscriptions, and all 1 month subscriptions being tripled to 3 month subscriptions (please email the baby show voucher code to to activate the offers).

For pre-orders of the baby monitor with or without the smart sleep sensor, please email The wired sleep sensor is available from June onwards while deliveries of the wireless smart sensor with the new low energy Bluetooth technology are expected to start by September.

Everyone placing a pre-order for the baby monitor with or without the sensor will receive a complimentary web service subscription for 24 months, enabling them to add an unlimited number of webcams into the service, use the system from an unlimited number of devices, and grant access to an unlimited number of users.

We want to thank everyone who expressed interested in our system, and took the time to listen to us explain how it works and why it makes sense. Seeing other parents and parents-to-be share our excitement in and passion for smart baby monitoring was wonderful, and we look forward to our next public appearance at the Baby Show at NEC in Birmingham on May 16th – 18th!

Satu and Erasmus

Onni Baby was officially unveiled

Onni Baby was officially unveiled at Harrogate, our first trade show this year, and we’re happy to report that our “more than a monitor” received a very enthusiastic welcome.

There was a lot of interest on all three days from #retailers, #buyers, #distributors and even #industrial designers.

We’re pleased with having exhibited at Harrogate, and are busy finalising the structures that allow us to make the baby monitor solution commercially available this summer. Remember that the web service is already available, enabling remote access baby monitoring using your own #webcam!

We’ve worked hard on creating something unique for the baby monitoring market, something that the parents truly would find useful and also easy to use. We were thrilled to see that many potential partners, many of them parents or grandparents themselves, immediately saw value in what we’ve designed.

What was also encouraging was how people who weren’t even looking at anything in the baby monitoring category changed their minds after hearing just a few words about our product. A few even said ours was the best product at the whole show, which was high praise indeed.

We look forward to working with existing contacts, and warmly welcome new ones, and want to send out a big thank you for everyone’s interest!

To subscribe to the web service and turn your webcam into a remote access baby monitor, please visit, or email to find out more.

Satu and Erasmus

Harrogate nursery fair

March 12th, 2014. Oulu, Finland.

Onni, Smart Care Baby Monitoring Solution will be located at stand H41 in hall H at the Harrogate International Nursery Fair from Sunday, March 23rd to Tuesday, March 25th 2014.

For setting a meeting with the company and for further information about the product, please contact Erasmus van Niekerk, +358 40 8352635, or Satu Niemelä +358 40 53 63 486,

Onni World Premiere at the Harrogate International Nursery Fair

February 21st, 2014. Oulu, Finland.

Onni is proud to announce its upcoming unveiling at the Harrogate International Nursery Fair Sunday, March 23rd – Tuesday, March 25th 2014 in North Yorkshire, England. Industry representatives and trade professionals are warmly welcomed to come and meet the parents behind this unique baby monitoring solution to see how it helps staying on top of the day-to-day and enables being there even when it’s not possible in person. Promotional trade fair offers available for new sales representatives, retailers and distributors.

Onni Smart Care Baby Monitoring System. For parents. From parents.

Product launch getting closer

The launch of the device for the Onni baby Pro system is getting closer. We are in the final stages of R&D and our testing is showing very positive signs. We will meet all of our design and functionality set out at the start of the project. It has been a long road to get from idea to product. As a small family owned business the task at hand seemed almost insurmountable 13months ago, but by working with professionals from various fields we have managed to get our idea made.

The Onni baby pro brings you a feature rich experience. We have taken the latest technologies and combined then for parents in an easy to use package. Our baby monitor uses WiFi to connect with our web portal and application. This allows you to securely monitor your child from anywhere in the world. Even though this is possible we are not trying to replace the parent, just to make sure they are connected with their child. From the web portal and application you can control all the features of your baby monitor with an easy intuitive user interface. The baby monitor itself provides parents with a HD camera for crystal clear picture, infrared light to make sure parents can see their child even in low light, a microphone so parents can hear their child, a high quality speaker combined with playback functionality, a nightlight to give your child confidence in a dark room and a temperature sensor to measure the ambient temperature in the room.

We also provide parents with software solutions to help them manage their day to day interaction with their child and to keep track of the long term developmental stages of their child.

All this may sound like an overwhelming amount of features for one device, we assure you great care has been taken that it is made as easy to use as it is useful.

Thank you,

The Onni smart care team.


Onni basic launch this week

This week we are in the process of launching Onni baby basic; this allows parents to turn their own webcam into a baby monitor. Combine this with our web service and you have a powerful baby monitoring system that provides parents with an affordable alternative to the more expensive high tech baby monitors on the market. We believe this to be a game (or as we like to think, a monitoring) changing product.


The Onni smart care team


We introduce Onni

SEP Solutions introduces Onni, a versatile game-changing baby video monitoring system.

SEP Solutions offers parents cleverly designed and beautifully executed baby monitoring choices that meet different needs and fit different budgets.

November 20, 2013. Oulu, Finland. SEP Solutions is delighted to introduce Onni, the smart baby monitoring system that helps parents become confident in caring for their newborn and enables them to share the special time with loved ones.

Onni helps parents monitor and interact with the baby and keep track of sleeping, feeding, diaper changes and developmental milestones with a remote access video monitoring solution that can be used with any smart phone, tablet or pc. Parents can choose between using Onni Professional and Onni Basic, which are two completely different user experiences that offer different levels of baby monitoring. On the one hand, there’s Onni Professional, a powerhouse of a design piece. Onni Professional combines the beautiful physical baby monitor with the baby monitoring web portal making all Onni features and the highest level of information available for parents. On the other, there’s Onni Basic, a game-changer in the baby monitoring market. Onni Basic makes baby monitoring available for parents in the market for technically advanced solutions that are as cost-effective as they are clever.

In addition to parenting benefits including enabling parents to check in on the baby anytime from anywhere, alerting parents when the baby cries, and helping parents calm the baby down, Onni also makes it possible for loved ones to be more involved during this special time. Parents can choose to grant remote access to, for example, grandparents so that they can see and hear the baby without the fear of disturbing sleep, and without needing to leave their own home. Parents can also grant one-time or recurring access to babysitters or nannies to enable easy information sharing and instant communication between parents and caregivers.

Onni is the first baby monitoring solution that can be used without a physical baby monitoring device, catering specifically to parents in the market for a cost-effective, no-nonsense baby monitoring solution. Parents who value design and have a need for more information and more features than is available through the use of the web portal only or is offered by other currently available baby monitoring solutions appreciate value in using the beautifully designed baby monitor in connection of the Onni web portal.

The founders of SEP Solutions have first-hand experience of how daunting the experience of becoming a parent can be. “When you become a parent, it’s impossible to not worry about the child’s safety and well-being when everything is new to you”, says Satu Niemelä, CEO, co-founder and wife in the husband and wife team behind SEP Solutions. Erasmus van Niekerk, COO, the other co-founder and husband of the married team adds: “And being worried is only part of what’s going on. When you get 5 hours of sleep on a good night, you may find that you’ve changed the diaper all right, but that it’s the dog who’s wearing it”. “It takes time to learn what works and establish routines”, Satu continues. “We wanted to create something that does more than lets parents see or hear when the baby is crying, something that genuinely helps them become confident in caring for their newborn. It was also important for us to be able to offer value in baby monitoring also for parents who are preparing for a baby on a budget”. “In addition, we realised being able to see the baby would also be important to, for example, grandparents. Especially if they live far away, like mine do”, Erasmus says.

SEP Solutions was founded in Oulu, Finland in 2012 to meet the different needs of parents, especially new parents, in the life-changing situation of having a baby better than the traditional baby monitoring solutions do.

“What’s technically possible isn’t always what the parents actually need”, Satu says. “We’re confident that what we struggled with isn’t unique in any way, and that what we’ve designed to help will resonate with many parents all over the world”.

Erasmus says: “While our solutions are simple to use, the underlying technology is more complex.

Onni, the subscription based baby monitoring web portal is now available for use. Please visit for more details of how Onni can help you, and sign up.