To help especially first time parents easily manage caring for their newborn without having to worry about safety and well-being, and enable them to effortlessly share the special time with loved ones by providing them with smart tools for easy use and remote access.

What we do

SEP Solutions’ smart baby monitoring products are designed to help new parents manage caring for their newborn with ease and confidence.  Our solutions help stay on top of the most important child care activities, enable chronicling developmental milestones and provide a video monitoring system with remote access. We’ve designed our system with ease of use and secure access in mind so that regardless of whether you’re using a smart phone, tablet or pc, you can see, hear and interact with the baby equally effortlessly from downstairs as you can from overseas.


Satu Niemelä CEO of SEP Solutions

Satu has 11+ years of experience in working with languages and UI.
When Satu was on maternity leave with her firstborn, she decided to resign and put the offered resignation package and entrepreneurial help to good use. She then co-founded SEP Solutions with her husband, Erasmus van Niekerk, and together they have come up with the product concept that has come to fruition almost simultaneously with their newborn twin babies.
Satu’s academic background is in Oulu University, Finland, where she completed a Master of Arts degree in English philology and a postgraduate degree of Licentiate in Philosophy. Her longtime interest in and working experience from languages and UI continues to be her focus area at SEP Solutions. She’s also in charge of marketing and general management, and of ensuring that SEP Solutions products are as easy to use as they are truly useful.

Erasmus van Niekerk COO of SEP Solutions

Erasmus has studied civil engineering in his native South Africa, and completed business studies in Finland, which became his home in the early 00s.
After completing his studies, Erasmus went on to gain hands-on experience from mobile app development designed to benefit people who play or work with his favourite hobby, golf. The app was subsequently sold to GREENi, who continue to work with the vision.
Erasmus’ engineering background and technical understanding perfectly complete Satu’s skillset, and help him ensure smart solutions end up implemented in our product development.